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Secret Sauce to be the Boss interview with Larry Dawson

Our story goes back to the 18th century. Originally, my family is from Mooresville, North Carolina. They were farmers. They moved to Statesville at some point around in the early 1900s and transitioned out of farming. At that time, there were no major car manufacturers. Ford Motor Company, of course, had the first mass production vehicle, the Model A. That’s when my grandfather got started and opened up a dealership in downtown Statesville, North Carolina. He was actually the first Ford Mercury dealer in Statesville. He had this dealership for almost 75 years until he retired in the ’70s.

From very early childhood I’ve just been fascinated with cars. When my granddad retired, he bought a new ’72 Ford LTD, which we still have in the family today. I remember standing up in the seat and he would let me steer as we were going down the highway in that car, which, of course, is highly illegal today, but it was fun back in the time.

In high school, I became even more fascinated with cars, and that’s when I started learning the trade. I became an auto mechanic, worked for Town & Country Ford. It was my first job even before I graduated high school.

My father started a different business that was a hot startup of the time – The Holiday Drycleaners. In 2017 I decided to transition out of the dry cleaning industry back into the automotive industry. The name The Holiday Motor Company has a similar ring to my grandfather’s dealership, which was called The Carolina Motor Company.

I know and love classic cars and I will be proud to be your consultant

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