1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham In these series of interviews with Mr. Frank Deaton we would like tell you the story of the cars he owns. We hope you would enjoy these stories.

This month we talk about  1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.

Interviewer:      Can you tell a little bit about what kind of car is it and a little bit about the story of the car?

Mr.Frank:          Well, it’s a 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, which is the top of the line Cadillac that they were selling at that time.

It’s actually my mother’s car. She bought it new. She bought it from Arnold Palmer Cadillac when it was still down there on Stonewall in Uptown. It was probably one of the last two or three on the lot when she bought it. Again, so she actually bought it in ’97, early ’97, but it’s a ’96 model. It’s got about 106,000 miles on it.

The interior is pretty much undamaged. There’s a couple little wear spots on the leather, but for the most part, it’s just as it was when it was purchased.

The car has been outside probably half of its life, garaged half of its life, so there is some wear on some of the plating, but for the most part if you get up close, you can see a little bit, but if you get five feet away or further, you can’t tell. It still shines, it still looks good, we’ve got the big whitewall tires on it.

It runs like a champ.

That model, they made that specific model for about four years, and it came with a 5.7 liter engine which of course is very powerful.

It’s a large car, it’s actually over 19 foot and some inches. And when we put it next to that LTD, which everyone thought was huge, like the biggest thing they’d ever seen, the Cadillac actually measured a few inches longer.

But yeah, it’s a very comfortable car. It’s got some neat features on it and some standard GM features. I’m trying to think of this, there’s one specific feature that it has that is probably unique to it. Back in the ’90s this was very unheard of but both front seats, driver and passenger, have heated seat options, power lumbar options, full 6 -way power seats.

Of course climate control is awesome. The air conditioning blows ice cubes. It’s fast, it’s comfortable and of course, it’s got airbags which they started doing back in ’91.

Also it’s got a four way air suspension system on it so each independent corner can be adjusted to keep where you need it  to be based on current driving conditions.

It’s so roomy and comfortable it’s easy to get addicted to that car.

And at an impressive 14 miles to the gallon probably. You’re going to need to make sure you know where your gas stations are. No, I’m just kidding, it probably gets around 17 MPG


Interviewer:      Yeah, so for the gas stations, did you take this car or your mom for trips and what was the most memorable one?

Mr.Frank:          Well, that was her everyday car when she got it. She was in an accident in ’96. She was driving her Lincoln Town Car and it got totaled. Her and my dad used to take a lot of trips in it to the mountains or the beach so they’re the ones who were in the car more often, because by that time I was already driving my own car.


Interviewer:      What was their favorite spot in the mountains? Would you say anywhere in particular?

Mr.Frank:          Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Yeah, they normally stayed in the same place up there pretty often. And they go up there a lot during the summer and whatnot. But they enjoyed it up there. I think it’s a little boring up there, but they liked it.


Interviewer:      That’s nice. What is your first memory connected with this car? Like what was the first time that you saw it?

Mr.Frank:          That’s when my mother drove it over to where I was working at the time. She had it on a test drive and she brought it over for me to look at to get my opinion on it, and so, of course, my opinion was yes. She went back and did the paperwork and there you have it.