Ford LTD Convertible from 1972 In this series of interviews with Mr. Frank Deaton we would like tell you the story of the cars he owns. We hope you will enjoy these stories .

The first car is a Ford LTD Convertible from 1972.


Okay. So what’s the story of the car? Can you tell a little bit about it? Where did you get it? How long has it been in your family?

Mr. Frank:                    

So, it was never in our family, but it is now. I was actually just on Ebay looking for some parts for another car and it just happened to pop up, in the section  where they show “you may be interested in this”. It had several cars showing and I saw this one and of course I clicked on it. The photos were so immaculate that you could clearly see the condition of the car, as if you were actually there.  I was satisfied with the condition of what I’d be getting even though it was three or four states over. So I bid on it and I was probably one of five bidders and turns out none of us met the reserve on the auction, but I was the highest bidder. So the owner called  and he told me what his reserve was and wanted to know if I could come up on my bid. He came off what he was really hoping to get by a couple of thousand dollars, I came up a couple of thousand and we basically made the deal.

I went ahead and wired him the money and  made arrangements to get it transported here. That was probably October 2015 I think, when that happened. I felt such a need to purchase it on two levels. One, I love LTDs. The LTD convertible of 71 and 72 are very rare, hard to find, especially in the condition that this car is in. It only had 53,000 original miles on it . This car came with every available option from the factory. Some things that I didn’t even know they offered in 72. It has cruise control, power locks, power seats, all power windows, power top, and the factory “ select air” air conditioning.


In 1972 there was air conditioning?

Mr. Frank:                    

Air conditioning was actually still an option back then even though it was available as early as the 1950’s for some upper end models. The system on the LTD is the “Select Air” air conditioning system, which is an automatic climate control. So it’s not just air conditioning, you can set it to the temperature you want and it will regulate fan speed and temperature on its own. The car came with the 429 big block V8 with a four barrel carburetor, which is probably one of the most popular motors of its time. It was clean under the hood to a point where you could literally almost eat off it. No dust, no grime, everything in the car was immaculate. It’s all been preserved, it’s all original. Nothing’s been modified, the paint’s original, everything is original. This car would literally fall into a preservation class, which is a very popular class of vehicle because some classes of cars are pristine and have never been driven. Others are restored, but  this one falls under preservation class because nothing’s been altered on it but it’s still been driven.

Nothing’s been modified, the paint’s original, everything is original.

The only thing that’s not original to the car is the tires, obviously, because you have to replace them from dry rot. It does have the original spare tire in the back, which is a bias ply tire, not a radial, because that’s what the car originally came with, which were bias ply tires. It’s gorgeous, it’s triple white, and I adore the style of the car. Everybody who sees me when I drive the car wants to know about it, talks to me about it at a stoplight or parking lot. Once I almost got in an accident because somebody started blowing their horn and I thought somebody was coming at me or I was in somebody’s way, and it turns out somebody was just trying to get my attention to give me a thumbs up, “Hey, nice car.” Thank you very much! Almost wrecked because of you. It was a hell of a find and  I paid premium dollar for it. What you’re purchasing is essentially a piece of history that’s undamaged, unmolested, unaltered.

I had a great fear that anyone else who got that car literally would just not take care of it, probably trick it out, put some kind of modern stereo system in there instead of keeping the original system, which is an AM FM stereo. Of course, FM was an option back then. Standard sound was AM radio back in those days. It was a hell of a treasure find. It’s now in our stable and it should be here for the rest of its days.


Did the previous owner tell you any stories about this car?


It was his dad’s and apparently his dad and him were both mechanics. His dad had died and he was just cleaning up his dad’s estate. I don’t know why he didn’t want the car anymore, maybe it was just a painful memory. Most people you would think would want to keep it as a way to memorialize or remember their loved one.

He told me to take good care of it, to not only keep it but to keep it right.

Like I say, it’s quiet. Getting into that car when it first was delivered, and I kid you not, it was literally like stepping back in time. It’s the nicest car I own. When I got in there it felt like this is what it would be like in 1972. You could still smell the car the way it smelled back 43 years prior, and the way the motor sounds is amazing, just hums.  It’s literally just like it would have been if you bought it off the car lot all those years ago.