Three affordable classic cars that you can actually drive

Everyone knows the inherent charm that classic cars radiate; even though most of these cars were actually manufactured decades ago they still have a place in the market today. However, the market for such vehicles is limited as people nowadays are more concerned about convenience and comfort. Classic cars, on the other hand, are aged vehicles which will have trouble operating on a daily basis; this is exactly why people with refined taste only divulge in such cars.

The reason why the market for classic cars is so limited is because most people are looking for a cost effective vehicle that will not require heavy maintenance. Classic cars require high maintenance as their engine deteriorates at an expedited rate, which is exactly why they require periodic maintenance. Another reason why the demand for such cars is limited is due to the availability of parts; finding parts for new cars is simple but finding parts for classic cars can be as hard as finding big foot in your garage. However finding parts for classic cars has now become quite simple as many dealers have started specializing in classic cars. These dealers not only repair such cars to perfection but also have an extensive network which they use to find the appropriate parts. Finally, the last aspect which further limits the market is the fact that finding affordable insurance for classic cars can be quite challenging, as these older models are considered to be a bigger risk then brand new cars.

Even though there are certain drawbacks with classic cars, this does not mean that people should not buy them. What people have to realize is that they can easily avoid the drawbacks of classic cars by investing in the appropriate models. This is exactly why we have articulated a list of the top three affordable classic cars in Charlotte, this list is given below.

1. The 1982 Mercedes 300SD

The Mercedes 300SD is still a classic car that has forever cemented its position in the market. This car was actually manufactured decades ago but you can still easily find it at most local car dealers in Charlotte. Although this model is the slowest S class sold, it has a unique engine that provides optimum fuel consumption. Its robust engine is extremely durable and does not require heavy maintenance or repairs.

2. The classic Range Rover

The second car that has made our list today is the iconic classic two door range rover. This beautiful car was owned by the royal household themselves because of its unique facet that depicted an elite aura. Due to the immense popularity of this car it has been restored numerous times by Range Rover and most models pay tribute to its sublime shape.

3. The Chevy Gasser

If you are looking for something straight out of a gangster movie then the legendary Chevy Gasser should be your first choice. This car personifies absolute class and elegance in a seamless manner and the engine would put most sedans to shame. Not only does it not require regular maintenance, but it is also available in a very affordable price.

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